The End-of-Arm Tooling system for Sheet Metal handling named Octopus Grip consists in an octogonal-shaped central arm, attached to the wrist of the Robot Grips, specifically studied to be highly resistant to deflections/vibrations, with holes for the internal passage of air, and two or four patented quick ball coupling systems. The quick ball coupling systems allow the reconfiguration of the Robot Grips by simply changing their end effectors, in this case the tentacles of the Octopus Grip, that can be easily unhooked and placed close to the Robot Grips by a single operator on a vertical warehouse, allowing for savings in time required for changing the tools, and in storage space. The Octopus Grip system is highly flexible, from which it derives its name.

Industrial robots
  • End-of-arm tooling systems
  • Robot Grips
  • Sheet Metal Handling

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End-of-Arm Tooling Systems for Robot Grips: Octopus Grip

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