Endorphina Barrier Cream is specially formulated with range of natural ingredients including Myrrh extract: –antienflamatuar and analgesic actions. Endorphina Barrier Cream helps: –maintain the skin's barrier properties, –skin moisture and –pH 5.5 This cream provides a barrier around the wound that helps protect the intact skin from irritation caused by body fluids and friction. It acts as a protective interface between the skin and dressings. When to use Endorphina Barrier Cream: •Use under incontinence pads to protect at-risk skin. •Helps protect skin from damage caused by friction (chafing). •To help prevent damage caused to the skin by frequent washing. For Wound Management: •Around wound edges to prevent irritation and help provide a better healing environment. •To help prevent maceration of wounds (over-sogginess of a wound). •To help prevent excoriation wounds (wounds caused by abrasion).

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