Waste water treatment plants and surface waters have enormous energy potential. A sewage treatment plant, for example with 90 million litres of wastewater daily, reducing the wastewater temperature by using heat exchanger by around 1°C, generates a power of about 4.3 MW. The comparative potential for energy recovery from the surface water is even higher. Environmental aspect Induced by humans, water temperatures of the surface and streams have steadily increased, not least owing to the inflows from sewage water treatment. This has serious consequences on the flora and fauna. If heat is extracted from purified water in the sewage treatment plant or from surface waters and from streams, and water temperature is thereby reduced, this will have a positive effect on the entire ecological system. With KASAG heat exchanger systems, on the one hand, the energy requirement of the sewage treatment plant can be covered and, on the other, buildings in near vicinity can be heated or cooled.

Heat exchangers
  • sludge and sewage treatment services

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