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Enerjisun AdBlue Enerjisun is a key player in producing automotive chemicals, including high-quality antifreeze, Adblue, and windscreen wash. With years of experience, the company delivers customer satisfaction by blending quality and performance in its products. The company is capable of delivering bespoke solutions to fulfil the customer's needs, by providing products manufactured for private brands through the private label production process. As an established player in the global market, we are gaining international recognition as a brand. We take an environmentally conscious approach, committing ourselves to sustainability principles and using eco-friendly production processes. Enerjisun is devoted to maintaining customer satisfaction at the highest level by excelling in the automotive chemicals sector, assuring quality, reliability and environmental awareness. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to request detailed information or collaboration.

  • Petrochemical industry - installations and equipment
  • antifreeze additive and miscellaneous solvents
  • accessories for car washes


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34500 Istanbul - Turkey