Engineering Plastic Ball Bearings 603
Engineering Plastic ball bearing 603(3mmx9mmx5mm)  - MOTION (SHANGHAI) INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.


MOTN Bearings offers a wide variety of polymer bearings to suit your needs from standard industrial sizes to custom designs. Our standard material is POM and we have a selection of pre-approved alternative materials available when POM will not work in your application. These materials are PEEK, PTFE, PBT; PP; UPE, PI. Contact MOTN to select the material that is right for you.

Bearings, ball
  • food machinery plastic ball bearings 603;
  • medical machinery plastic ball bearings
  • medical machinery plastic ball bearings 603
  • food machinery plastic ball bearing 603(3mmx9mmx5mm)

Product features

part No 603
Dimension 3mmx9mmx5mm
Structure Single row
Sealed type Open or sealed
material PEEK, PTFE, PBT; PP; UPE, PI
Performance1 high tensile strength and rigidity & with great mechanical performance
performance2 Self-Lubrication(no need grease and oil)
Performance3 high corrosion resistance (acid/alkali/salt/solvent/oil/gas/and sea water corrosion environment) .
Performance4 good heat resistance and thermal stability
Performance5 low density (light weight)
Applications Gear wheels, parts for pumps, screws, parts for the textile industry; The microelectronics industry,

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