EngyCal RS33 Steam calculator


The steam calculator EngyCal RS33 is used to record steam mass and energy flow of saturated and superheated steam. The calculation is based on the measured process variables volume flow, temperature and/or pressure.The EngyCal RS33 uses the standard IAPWS IF97 to calculate the mass and energy flow of steam. The density and enthalpy of the steam are calculated from the input variables pressure and temperature.

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Product features

Measuring Principle Energy manager
Function Monitoring and billing of energy in saturated and superheated steam applications (steam heat flow, h
Certification CE, UL listed, CSA GP
Input 1x Puls/Analog for flow,; 2x RTD/Analog for temperature and pressure,; Loop power supply 24V DC (+/-
Output 1x 4...20mA,; 2x digital (Open Collector)
Relay output 2x
Auxiliary power supply Low voltage power supply: 100 bis 230 V AC (-15% / +10%); Small voltage power supply: 24 V DC (-50%
Dimensions (wxhxd) 144 x 144 x 103.1 mm; (5.67" x 5.67" x 4.06")
Software Calculated Values:; Energy, volume, density, enthalpy, DP-Flow;; Counters: volume, mass, energy, cou
Operation 3 button on site or via FieldCare; read out of historical / logged data via Field Data Manager Softw

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