Classic Entrance Wooden Door Entrance Door is not only main showcase of house but has to be enough strong to secure and safe. Entrance door has mainly strong door leaf, secure ironmongery, 3 or 5 point lock and hinges ready to 10 000 cycles opening/ closing. Our Classic Entrance Door are available in three different construction: Classical, Retro and Decorative. Opening inwards or outwards. Design of Doors much to design of the windows systems (Soft-Line, Retro). Many models of doors are available.  lock: 3 point automatic as a standard, 5 point lock on request  available 2 different designs: Standard (Soft-Line, Retro) or Decorative  available 3 depth of frame: 68 mm | 78 mm | 92 mm  gaskets: 2  double or triple glass unit or decorative panels based on WBP plywood  door leaf: 135 mm or 105 mm We supply windows and doors manufactured from multi-layered laminated woods in Mahogany and Pine designed not to twist or warp.

Doors, security for houses

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