Epns Depth Filter Elements (prefilters)

Depth filter elements (prefilters)


EPNS filter elements are cartridge type filters on the basis of the pleated material made of metal mesh (stainless steel AISI 304) with the effective filtration area from 0.22 to 1 m2. The pleated structure of the cartridge provides extended area of the surface compared to cylindrical metal filter cartridges, increasing thereby flow rates and lifetime of EPNS. High filtration rates and lifetime with low hydraulic resistance. Mechanical strength of the element ensures multiple regenerations, wash outs and sterilizations in any direction

Filtering equipment and supplies
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  • Depth Filter
  • Filter Elements

Product features

Filter material 304L stainless steel mesh
Draining layer 304L stainless steel mesh
Body, end parts, adapter Polypropylene + armlen
O-rings Silicone (viton, EPDM on request)
Maximal differential pressure 0,5 MPa at 20°C, 0,2 MPa at 80°C
Maximal operational temperature 90°С
Direct flow wash out Forward and reverse flow of hot water (up to 95 °C) and chemical agents, CIP
Autoclaving in a wide range
Steam sterilization in a wide range

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