Epns.p-pwm Depth Filter Elements (prefilters)

Depth filter elements (prefilters)


EPNS.P full metal filter elements are designed for application in the industrial filtration process fields, where it is impossible or difficult to use polymer based filter cartridges because of high temperature, viscosity, aggressive components and other heavy EPNS.P filter elements are cartridge type filters on the basis of stainless steel pleated material. The element is a full metal cartridge. The pleated structure of the filter element provides extended area of the surface compared to cylindrical metal filter cartridges increasing thereby flow rates and lifetime of EPNS.P.Multiple regenerated full metal EPNS.P are used to remove particles from steam, aggressive liquids (acids, solvents, etc., compatible with the cartridge materials), viscous media, technical liquids, aggressive gases, caustic (corrosive) liquids

Filtering equipment and supplies
  • Epnsp Pwm
  • Epnsp Depth
  • Depth Filter

Product features

Filter material 304L stainless steel mesh
Draining layer 304L stainless steel mesh
Body, end parts, adapter 304L stainless steel
O-rings Silicone (viton, EPDM, PTFE on request)
Maximal differential pressure 0.6 Mpa
Maximal operational temperature Limited by the operational temperature of the filter housing and used seals
Direct flow wash out Direct and back wash with hot water, chemical reagents, CIP washing
Autoclaving in a wide range
Steam sterilization No limits
Assembly Inert gas welding with a non-consumable electrode

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