Epv.s Depth Filter Elements (prefilters)

Depth filter elements (prefilters)


The EPV.S filter element is produced on the basis of the increased density pleated filter material made of microfine glass fibers. Increased mechanical strength of the filter material is provided by Special protection layers, it precludes the problem of cross contamination because of superfine fibers dusting. The filter material has high flow rate, adsorption capacity, strength and thermochemical resistance, therefore it provides effective filtration of solutions in a wide range of ph, especially of hardtofilter solutions with residual opalescence, serums, albumins from plasma, viscous biological liquids, oils. EPV.S high filtration efficiency (almost as of a membrane filter) combined with increased contamination capability typical of depth filters ensures cost saving high quality filtration in the processes of deep clarification and bioburden reducing.EPV.S

Filtering equipment and supplies
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  • Depth Filter
  • Filter Elements

Product features

Filter material Microfiberglass
Draining layer Polypropylene
Body, end parts, adapter Polypropylene
O-rings Silicone (viton, EPDM and other materials on request)
Maximal differential pressure 0,5 MPa at 20°C, 0,2 MPa at 80°C
Maximal reverse differential pressure 0,2 MPa at 20°C
Maximal operational temperature, °C 90°С
Direct flow wash out Hot water (up to 95 °C), chemical reagents, CIP washing
Autoclaving 121-132°С, 0.12 MPa, 30 min., 50 cycles
Steam sterilization up to 132°С, 30 min., 25 cycles

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