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Equipments for cookies and waffles industries - Oven


Tunnel Oven The tunnel ovens allow the cooking of any kind of pastry and are suitable for products like waffles, galettes, pancakes, hotcakes, crackers, etc… They are destined to the production of big capacities. This kind of oven is available in a large range of width and length of cooking allowing a productivity going to 150 000 pieces per hour according the cooking time and the size of the product. TV Oven They are mainly destined to the cooking of soft waffles. This kind of oven is provided with a very precise proportioning system of pastry with a removing system to take out the waffles after their cooking. TH Oven The TH Oven offers the possibility to make several different productions thanks to the interchangeable character of the waffle irons. This oven produces at least 1000 waffles per hour. It can also be equipped with an automatic injection device and with an extraction system. This oven exists in a standard version of 20, 24, 30 or 36 waffle irons. Oven TV-8 New ! Watch t