Erasable Notebook | Ring Binder A5 | Stone Paper

Hardcover | Ringbuch | Beyond Blue
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✓ Sustainably produced stone paper ✓ 5 years of erasable writing guaranteed ✓ Feels the same as writing on normal (wood pulp) paper ✓ Multifunctional interior Every stone paper page is sustainably produced, naturally tree-free and 100% recyclable. How erasable writing with MOYU works: Step 1: Write Write with the included MOYU pen suitable for stone paper. This pen contains original Frixion ink. Please note that regular pen ink is not erasable! Step 2: Scan Do you want to save your notes? Scan your notes with a free scanning application. Then save them in the Cloud or on Drive. Step 3: Wipe Dampen the included cloth with a little water, or use the MOYU spray bottle to wet the paper. Then wipe off the ink with the cloth. Step 4: Start over Write in your notebook again, you can do this up to 500 times!

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335 g
210 x 155 x 12 mm


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1114 AD Amsterdam - Netherlands