ERAVITAL® Black Garlic is made from %100 Taskopru Garlics of TURKEY. Eravital is the first producer of black garlic in Turkey. Our garlics have no preservatives, no additives, NON-GMO and they have been fermented for 90 days. * What's so special about Taskopru Garlic? Taskopru Garlic has the highest amount of iron, sulphur and aroma and it is accepted as the "best garlic of the world". When Taskopru garlic is compared with other garlics, it has important features such as specific odour, taste and size because it has not been exposed to an hormonal intervention. Having a medium size, uniform and standard head size, plump and healthy cloves and a standardization in terms of quality and content are important features of Taskopru. It also keeps these features for a long time.

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