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Unveil the mystery of the Russian Orient on your essential Lake Baikal tour From 1 May till 10 October SUCCUMB TO THE EXQUISITE BEAUTY OF THE LAKE BAIKAL NATURE AND UNCOVER THE RUSSIAN EAST Package Tour Essential Lake Baikal Tour | 4 or 5 Days by Pradiz Russia Combining the nomadic Buryat and sedentary Russian culture with unique architecture and marvelous nature, this four-days Lake Baikal tour offers a unique experience of the Russian Orient. It gives a chance to see the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume, enjoy the hospitality of the Russian people at Listvyanka, a choice place of retreat to commune with nature, visit Irkutsk, the capital of and a hub for travels in Siberia, and finally discover Olkhon Island, a sacred Buddhist site. This tour is a way to see the exotic East in Russia. On your trip to Lake Baikal you will experience utmost comfort meshed with expertise and enterprise of our guides and travel assistants. The Lake Baikal tour is crafted in a way allowing to