Price 94€/kg Min Order Quantity300 Kilogram Supply Ability1000 kg per month Delivery Lead Time20 Place of Origin: RussiaType : essential oil Essential Oils of Siberian Cedar are volatile aroma compounds contained in various parts of a plant, mostly in flowers, stems, leaves, fruits and roots. Concentrated liquid extracts of a plant are easily obtained via steam distillation, solvent extraction. Country of Origin - Siberian region, Russia Composition: limonene, cineole, cymene, camphor, bornylacetate, terpineol, hamazulen. The dominant component (50%) is a-pinene. The Siberian cedar is one of the fir trees richest in fitoncides. They possess strong antiviral activity being a source of natural vitamins and fitoncides. This product is ideal for inhalations, massage, baths, apartment aromatization, for sauna and Russian baths. Such baths are very useful for people suffering from rheumatism and podagra. Being oxidized, essential oils emit ozone, triatomic oxygen, into the atmosphere.

Essences and fragrances - nonfood
  • Essential oil of cedar
  • cedarwood oil
  • siberian cedar essential oil
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