EtherCAT® ready to use Package - Full Version of EtherCAT Workbench, the esd EtherCAT configuration, diagnostic and monitoring tool for Windows - Demo Version of esd EtherCAT Master Stack - Digital I/O module ECX-DIO8 as EtherCAT Slave - Documentation, ESI files and examples on CD Easy Start-up of using EtherCAT - Quick and easy to set up and to put into operation - Optimal combination of hardware and software components - All necessary components are contained in delivery Cheap entry into EtherCAT Technology for Beginners - The complete package is designed for gaining knowledge and experience with EtherCAT in an application for digital I/O's. - After all components are connected and the software is installed on the PC, you can start with the EtherCAT Workbench for first steps in EtherCAT Fieldbus Technology. Really simple!

Electronic data processing - computer peripherals
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