For pure skin Skinirritation, impurities and redness are often the reason for feeling unpleasent in our skin. Eureco™ HC provides for relief. The active ingredient is talcum-decreasing, inflammation restraining and reduces pimple and blackhead, without releasing allergies or sensitisations. Eureco™ HC also influences and reduces the expansion and colouring of very pigmented skin areas. The substance lightens freckles or age spots. This effect is depending on dosage and is reversible. Eureco™ HC is the ideal active substance for anti-aging and cleaning cosmetics formulations. INCI: ε-phthalimido-peroxy-hexanoic Acid Application Eureco™ HC P11 (Powder) Skin Care Oral Care Hair Care Eureco™ HC L17 (Liquid) Skin Care Oral Care Hair Care Eureco™ is a registered trademark of our partner Solvay.


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