Europe same day delivery air freight parcels consignments “Because you cannot wait for the Next-Day, you need it to be delivered SAME DAY in Europe no matter what is the distance door to door!” Discover the quick and reliable Europe same day air freight parcels solution offered by ATC: Over 50 destinations available all over Europe for your urgent same day delivery: Europe same day delivery air freight solutions from and to : France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Slovenia … All EUROPE SAME DAY only subject to the flights still available when you call us: Get a quick solution & quote With this Europe same day delivery air freight solution, there is no need to send someone along with the shipment: this makes it a very competitive option, much cheaper than a on board courier solution, surely cheaper than any air charter option and sometimes even more competitive than an express van solution for long distances over 1500km . Test it: get your quick transit time and quote. Your parcel, urgent consignement (boxes – max 30kg – luggage size: 60*40*30cm/pce) is sent over in the cargo hold of the aircraft as a luggage. It is loaded at the last minute before take off (cut off time 60mn) and unloaded as soon as possible after landing. Then, as soon as the parcel is available from the plane, we deliver it straight away with a dedicated sprinter van to destination. This is an easy, secure door to door solution for your emergency parcels shipments same day in Europe. It is already in use among our clients of the highly demanding automotive industry in Europe. Europe same day delivery service is door to door and covers most European major cities : London, Paris, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Madrid, Roma, Prague, Budapest, Bucharest … The average transit time ranges from 12 hours to 18hours depending on the flights available, and distance from airport. On long distances in Europe (over 1500km), it is faster than any dedicated express vehicle you could send on the road in a rush. This solution is ideal for logistics managers who need to send small urgent parcels or emergency spare parts from point A to point B in Europe in the shortest transit time possible because it is: Competitive option: cheaper than an air charter or an On Board Courier Faster than express road solutions for distances over 1200-1500km Great EU coverage: over 50 european cities covered for Europe same day delivery Great tracing all the way door to door

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