What are the reasons that gives us the decision of EVA Cutting for your projects? We have mentioned above the characteristics of EVA and due to these and the area you need to use, EVA cutting is prefered. As it has a very good suction ability, for sensitive items and electronic devices we make case inserts or box seperators by EVA cutting. It has many advantages like providing high protection and stylish appearance. Or you may use our product at a high or low temperatured process of you. If you have sharp tools or fragile items, you need EVA for their packaging and transportation. In case, your project has a waterproof or greaseproof purpose or you need something floating on liquids, we suggest you EVA material. And if you want some colors, it is the right material to use as EVA can be produced with any colors you want. Gaskets Packaging materials, case inserts White goods Disposable slippers and shoe soles Construction and insulation materials Mouse pads, glass mats,

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