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Evaluation Electronic 813



The mobile evaluation electronics TesT 813 meet all demands that precise measurement processes require. They have been designed for use with TesT force and torque transducers, but they are also suitable for other resistance-based transducers. The devices consist of a process-controlled electronic unit with advanced software under Windows CE. Various functions are adapted to the daily requirements of quality assurance. An integrated data logger allows f.e., saving peak values and/or curves in xls files. Basic settings, that had been stored once, even remain when the device has been switched off. Because of the high measurement frequency of up to 2 kHz the model can be used for static and dynamic measurements. Sensors that are equipped with TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet according to IEEE 1451.4) chips can be recognized and automatically calibrate. Thus, the units may operate with different sensors, so that a complex recalibration is not required.

  • Indicator
  • evaluation unit
  • Electronic for force transducer

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