Evening program on the Brussels Market Square!



The Market Square of Brussels is one of the most beautiful squares of Europe and is the central location of our evening program. Welcome by our guide at the Market Square. Meeting point: The Brewers’House. The Brewers’ House is the headquarter of the Belgian Brewers’ association and one of the oldest professional associations in the entire world. The building has been constructed between 1695 and 1698 and is the masterpiece of the architect Wilem De Bruyn and sculptures Marc De Vos and Pieter Van Dievoet. In the cellars of the building we can find the brewers’ museum. 18H00-19H00: visit with our guide of the Market Square and environment where you will admire the most important buildings in Brussels. We do not only visit the Market Square, but also walk along the Stock Exchange, the Mint and Galleries St Hubertus. 19H00-20H00: free visit of the Brewers’ House and tasting of 2 Belgian beers. Our guide/beer specialist gives us in a playful way some explanation during the...

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