Evian Mineral Water

Evian Mineral Water


Name: EVIAN Country of Origin: FRANCE TDS: 357 pH: 7.2 Altitude: 2500 FT Discovery of Source: Very old evian® is all natural and perfectly pure. Each drop of Evian starts as rain and melting snow on the peaks of the Northern Alps. It filters through layers of glacial sand during a 15+ year journey deep in the heart of the mountains. Through this process, Evian is filtered naturally, without chemicals, giving it the purity, mineral content, and taste that nature intended. EVIAN mineral water This mineral water is with French label EVIAN 24 x 33 cl pet bottles EVIAN 24 x 50 cl pet bottles EVIAN 12 x 75 cl (sport cap) pet bottles EVIAN 12 x 100 cl pet bottles EVIAN 12 x 150 cl pet bottles (minimum 21 pallets) If interest, please send us an e-mail to beginning profitable discussions

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