Expanded combined feed according to GOST 18221-99 - For fledgling quails of 1-14 days and for turkey chicks of 1-29 days

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Specially designed all-in-one starter feed with increased content of protein and available energy for one-day-old quails. The feed is enriched with proteins and prebiotics that make it fully fixable and ensure correct functioning of ЖКТ of young quails. It contains all necessary vitamins, amino acids and minerals that form immune system of chicks. Protein-rich all-in-one starter feed for turkey chicks from first days of their life. Thanks to high content of protein in the form of easily fixable proteins, as well to high content of available energy the feed ensures correct start and intensive muscle gain. The balance of calcium and phosphorus contributes to correct build-up of strong skeleton and healthy feet. Guaranteed performance: ОЭ 304 Kkal, Crude protein 28,08%, crude fibre 3,15 %, lysine 1,75%, methionine 0,80 %,, threonine 1,1%, СА 1,7 %, P 1 %, Na 0,4 % C1 0,26 %.