These joints are normally made up of an elastomeric structure in which, by a curing process or other technological process, metal profiles are inserted to change, at set points, the stiffness or bearing capacity of the elastomeric structure. There are two main sub-groups depending on the mechanism which is used to obtain the expansion/shrinkage capacity of the joint, namely: by elastic deformation, with shear stress, of appropriately prepared suitable elastomeric areas; by elastic deformation of the elastomeric profiles the designed geometry of which is changed by normally flexural stresses. A characteristic of this type of joints is the presence, at the level of the congested surface, of a series of transverse gaps required for the development of the necessary elastic deformations. TYPES: RAN 50 S GPE 50/100/150 GPE 200/250 GPE 300 GPE 400 RAN P ALFA 25

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