• PCKNRR/L 75° Approach. • For Negative 80° Rhombic Inserts. Item Code No.As per ISO DesignationSuitable Inserts ABM-IMT-6270PCKNR 2020K 12CN_A, CN_G & CN_M ABM-IMT-6271PCKNR 2525M 12CN_A, CN_G & CN_M ABM-IMT-6272PCKNL 2525M 12CN_A, CN_G & CN_M ABM-IMT-6273PCKNR 3225P 12CN_A, CN_G & CN_M ABM-IMT-6274PCKNL 3225P 12CN_A, CN_G & CN_M

Machine tools - metal machining
  • insert holder tools
  • Lathe tools
  • External Tool Holder - Lever Lock Manufacture and Exporter India

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