This is a range of work holding and work – handling pot magnets where positive grip is necessary but not attractive form a distance. As a result of an exceptionally strong grip, each hold fast is equipped with a screw down releasing handle, which can also be used as a carrying a handle. • Have Tremendous Power. • Provided with Push OFF Screw to Push Work Away from the Hold Fast as these cannot be done by hand. • Can be used to Hold Work for Welding, Grinding and are ideal for making inexpensive lifting devices and jigs. • Have many application in material handling and machine shop • Also provided with plated keepers which protect and retain magnetic field. Item Code No.DiameterMagnetic Pull ABM-IMT-54201-3/4"33 Lbs ABM-IMT-54212-1/4"50 Lbs ABM-IMT-54222-3/4"77 Lbs

Machine tools - metal machining
  • Grinding - machine tools
  • machine tools
  • Extra Power Magnetic Hold Fast Manufacturer and Exporter India

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