Olive Oil is being cultivated on a large scale since nearly 3000 years. Around 200 BC, The famous Tunisian Army General “Hannibal” ordered his troops to massively plant Olive Trees in Tunisia. These fields are still planted with Olives until today, more than 2200 years after and we’re pressing olive oil out of its Olive trees. Mediterranean climate in Tunisia is perfect for cultivating the best quality of Olive Oil. Olive Oil is part of the Tunisian Culture. Every home has its own stock of Olive Oil. Tunisia is the 2nd Producer of Premium Olive Oil in the world (300 000 Tons in 2015)

Olive oil
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • olive oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Product features

Category of Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic status No
Bottle Volume 500mL
Packing Dorica Glass Bottle
Product Origin Tunisia
Bottle/Carton 12 Bottle
Carton/Pallet 132 Carton
Bottle/Pallet 1584 Bottle
Bottle/20' 15 840 Bottle
Pallet/20' 10 Pallets
Bottle/40' 31 680 Bottle
Pallet/40' 20 Pallets

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