TECHNICAL DEFINITION Extra-fine finishing filler in powder form for all types of interior jobs. The substrate is now ready to be decorated with paint, wallpaper or any wall covering. COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Calcium carbonate, redispersible resin, rheological agent and various additives. Produces a white paste. SUITABLE SURFACES • Wallpaper • paint • wall covering • Plasterboards • Concrete • Old paint • Plaster-based high build filler • Plaster blocks • Cement render • Undercoat TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Setting time : >24hrs (drying filler) • Powder’s density : 0.8 • Grain size : very fine • pH : 7 • Adhesion : complies with standard NFT 30 608 MIXING FACTOR Use approximately 11-12 litres of water for one 25 kg bag. Allow the paste to rest for 15 min before use. APPLICATION Apply either manually with a steel trowel or a putty knife, or mechanically. Allow to harden and scrape off any possible imperfection before sanding down.

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