Ascophyllum nodosum algae is rich in essential nutrients, such as minerals and amino acids [1]. Our Ascophyllum nodosum aqueous extract concentrates algae minerals and amino acids, on a maltodextrin base, in order to obtain a powder with neutral odor, color and thickening characteristics. This extract enables you to benefits from dry algae minerals richness, while offering an easy to formulate ingredient, that can be incorporate in most formula types. Among them, Magnesium is especially recognized for its cutaneous anti-inflammatory properties [2], particularly dedicated to sensitive and irritated skins. This property is complemented by Zinc concentration, which anti-glycation and anti-oxidative effects has been demonstrated [3]. Glycation is a natural phenomenon that affect proteins, and well known to be one of accelerator aging factor of human tissues.

  • algae extract
  • minerals
  • acides aminés

Product features

Skin type Skin care type
Incorporation rate /
Certification Tired, sensitive skins
Remineralizing, soothing, calming Beyond 1%, extract can lightly colour the formula (beige)
/ Preservative free/Organic (Ecocert)

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