In the extrusion process the TPE pellets are poured into a hopper are heated in the barrel and turned into a melt by this heat and shear. A screw carries the melted plastic through a shaped die to produce continuous lengths of shapes with the same profile, which are then cooled by air or water. Our TPE compounds are easily extruded into single and complex profiles. They can also be co-extruded with other materials to yield a part with both rigid and soft components. They exhibit improved profile flexibility. The SEBS compounds, with their saturated intermediate blocks, are very stable against thermal degradation. On the other hand, the SBS compounds degrade if overheated or if a screw with excessively high compression ratio is used. The information below is intended as a general overview, settings may vary depending on the specific grade selected. Please CONTACT US for detailed processing information SEBS based materials Equipment Extruders used for polyolefines are best for TPE comp

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