Eyeletting clamp GIGA
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210.00€ HT


Manual clamp eyeleting machine for eyelets type 7-9-051 and ltype 30-80 on bags and packs. New The manual clamp eyeleting machine GIGA in stainless steel, allows the application with minimal effort all the eyelets used for packaging (7-9-051, etc.), it is also possible to apply the large eyelets for towels and banners from 30 VL to 80 VL Technical features: Dimensions mm.30x200x300 Weight Gr. 1300. Eyelets used: Type 7 - 9-051 - Large from 30 to 80 ( with appropriate insert). Eyelets 7-9-051 The eyelets type 7-9 and 051 are eyelets which do not require pre-drilling to be inserted. To use these eyelets have to buy only the clamp. Large eyelets VL 30-80 The large eyelets are greater than the standard eyelets for packaging. They are used on towels and banner ads. To insert an eyelet must first mount on the caliper the drill kit to make a pilot hole and then apply the eyelet by inserting the kit pounding. The punches are interchangeable with ease and at the time the order is necessary to

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