A non-woven, synthetic fibre and an abrasive mineral are bonded together using a polymer adhesive to form a tough, chemically resistant, conformable and long-lasting abrasive material. Non-woven materials are also known under the trade name Scotch Brite " TM". Falkenrich GmbH enterprises are experts in the processing of this material for the manufacture of Discs, Roller Brushes and Wide Roller Brushes up to a total length of 2000mm with an outer diameter of 430mm. In general, the non-woven material can be used in the manufacture of Flap Wheels, Discs or, as a wrapping around laminated paper tube. In addition, these products may be impregnated with a variety of permanently elasticated and extremely hard wearing proofing agents. Products offered by Falkenrich offer the following advantages: They do not alter the geometrical shape of the work piece in any way. They increase surface resistance against corrosion. They enlarge the surface, which results in optimal adhesive qualities for

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