FFP2 Protection Mask

high filtering power at the exit (exhalation) and at the entrance (inhalation)


- Protection class FFP2: Edecon® Protector FFP2 half-masks filter both inhaled and exhaled air and are therefore classified as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). - Efficient filtering system (> 95%) - Hygienic individual packaging: the individual packaging prevents contamination of the mask before use. The pack contains ten individually wrapped protective masks - Optimal fit - Tested and CE certified - DIN EN 149:2001+A1:2009 reference standard - Certificate Nr. EPT 0477.PPE.20/4081 of 2020-11-27 valid until 2025-11-26 - Made in Italy - Colour: black FFP2 masks have a high filtering power of > 95%. These results can only be obtained by wearing the mask correctly, which must adhere completely to the facial part to be covered. They are strictly recommended for anyone who finds themselves in a high-risk situation, such as in closed, crowded spaces with little air exchange. FFP2 masks are disposable and should be worn for a maximum of 7-8 hours at a time.

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