FIBALON®3D offers you excellent filter performance for all common swimming pool filters. Only 350 grams of it replace 25 kilograms of filter sand or 20 kilograms of filter glass. FIBALON®3D filters particles down to 8 microns and due to its fiber fixation, it filters nearly pressure-less. Additional it is made out of recycled PET-bottles. This leads to an energy saving and environment friendly product. The interior of the fibrous ball consists of a slightly denser core and a softer wrap. The balls nestle together to form a consistent filter bed. The deliberately chosen spherical shape maximizes the filter media’s surface area. We also developed the fiber fixation DyFix® which yields an unusually high particle retention rate and deep penetration of particles into the FIBALON® media bed to provide excellent filtration results. FIBALON® leads with minimum weight to an excellent energy balance compared to conventional filter media.

Swimming-pool maintenance products
  • fiber filter
  • filtration
  • fibers
  • fibrous ball
  • environment friendly

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Country of origin Gemany


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