FIBALON®compact pro deluxe is THE universal filter solution „Made in Germany“ for your whirlpool, Jacuzzi or spa. The selected spherical shape, the special packaging size and the specially developed protective grid made of V4A stainless steel, enable a universal use with unique filter performance. The curvature of the grid ensures a full faced flow through the filter media bed and guarantees best cleaning results. The FIBALON®compact pro deluxe also has the worldwide unique dynamic fiber fixation „DyFix®“, which guarantees an incomparable filtration performance and a high dirt absorption capacity. This results in less service and cleaning effort. FIBALON®filter materials are always made of recycled materials to protect the environment. It has an antibacterial effect for the fibers and guarantees a long service life. Moreover, it is easy to clean and to reuse. The water in your whirlpool will be optimally disinfected without limitations in water circulation.

Filters, liquid
  • filter for spa
  • filter
  • dynamic fiber
  • antibacterial effect

Product features

Country of origin Gemany


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