The optimal package size and shape of FIBALON®compact facilitates the handling. The innovative and patented polymer fiber filter consists of a combination of different polymer fibers with diverse surface structures and special fiber cross sections according to latest scientific findings. The deliberately chosen spherical shape maximizes the filter medias surface area. The interior of the fibrous ball consists of a slightly denser core and a softer wrap. The balls nestle together to form a consistent filter bed. We developed also the fiber fixation DyFix® which yields an unusually high particle retention rate and deep penetration of particles into the filter media bed to provide excellent filtration results. FIBALON®compact is the ideal replacement for smaller cartridges in Whirlpools, SPAs, Jacuzzis and for set-up pools. It is easier to clean and more long living than cartridges. Even the filtration is better than common filters.

Swimming-pool maintenance products
  • polymer fiber filter
  • polymer fiber
  • fibrous ball
  • filtration

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Country of origin Gemany


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