Old heating systems often have problems: The entry of oxygen and dirt as well as limescale into the heating system causes oxidation on the in-ner walls of the heaters and pipes. The result is black heating sludge or “black water”, which settles in the pipes. Malfunctions and a reduced heat output are the negative results. The solution The innovative filtration system FIBALON® professional hotbox enables the heating water filtration in a closed system without installation effort. The polymer fiber filter FIBALON® tool, developed especially for the filtration of heating sludge, works similar to all innovative FIBALON® products and systems. The innovative FIBALON® solution removes heating sludge in a reverse filtration circuit. Metallic and non-metallic particles up to a size of 10 µm are filtered out. New filter material can easily be refilled. The FIBALON® professional hotbox also guarantees a continuously high and efficient heat output in old heating systems.

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