The already simple application of our innovative polymer fiber filter FIBALON® is made even easier with our new FIBALON®rope. 8, FIBALON® nets arranged like on a rope of pearls for almost all common pool filters. The filter material can be removed and replaced with just one handgrip. Our special mesh ensures optimal alignment and orientation of the FIBALON® filter balls during the filtration process. In addition, the net acts similarly to a protective shield. By means of a special welding technique, both the net and the welding seams, are chemically- and in particular chlorine-persistent. Due to the use of the new FIBALON®rope, the application of our backwashing grid is obsolete. For FIBALON®rope we also use our optimized fiber combination and other process innovations offers an incomparably high selectivity of 8 microns. All advantages of FIBALON®3D can be adapted and it promises an even easier handling.

Swimming-pool maintenance products
  • protective shield
  • polymer fiber filter
  • fibers
  • filter material

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Country of origin Gemany


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