universal pre-filter for your skimmer


To improve the filtration performance, the innovative filter solution FIBALON®skimmy is recommended. FIBALON®skimmy consists of a fiber combination of different polymer fibers with specially designed surface structures and different fiber cross-sections. The developed dynamic fiber fixation Dyfix® guarantees a high particle retention rate and a deep penetration of particles into the filter media bed. Due to the unique fiber combination, FIBALON®skimmy retains finer particles than the skimmer basket. This relieves the entire filter system in addition. She spherical shape guarantees the optimal adaption to all skimmer sizes up to 25cm (9,84 inch) diameter. The spherical shape of the innovative FIBALON® filter material remains even with complete loading. The special net ensures an optimal alignment and orientation of the FIBALON® filter elements. Moreover, the net acts as protective shield. The welding seams, as well as the mesh are extremely resistant to chemicals and chlorine.

Filters, liquid
  • filter system
  • filter
  • polymer fibers
  • skimmer

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Country of origin Gemany

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