FIBALON®system offers as the only filter system in the world the opportunity to take full advantage of all the benefits of modern filtration. With FIBALON®system, you will combine for the first time all the energy-saving potential as well as saving long-term operating costs. The investment in FIBALON®system will amortized within one year. FIBALON®system offers a simple and clear system consisting of 5 bags FIBALON® polymer filter material, innovative energy-saving pump and 600mm filter vessel with 6-Way Side-Mount-Valve. All this pre-assembled on a base plate – easy and simple for you. Whether to upgrade or for a new purchase! FIBALON®system continued the basic ideas of FIBALON®. FIBALON®system provides simple and clear solutions. FIBALON®system can also be acquired individually. A simple and clear solution as an „all-inclusive package” up to 60m³ for minimal investment costs.

Filters, liquid
  • filter system
  • modern filtration
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Country of origin Gemany


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