With FTJ-filter cloths, you can choose from approx. 40 high-quality fabric qualities, which fit your needs. The cloths consist mainly of polypropylene, polyester, polyamide and cotton. We would be pleased to advise you competently in the selection of the right filter cloth. In order to achieve the best results, fabric quality, grammage, air permeability and surface finish must be optimally tailored to your individual requirements. You can also get under-cloths at Filtertechnik Jäger. Drainage and cake drying can be improved. They also protect the upper cloths from mechanical wear. Special versions: Edge reinforcement Edge coating Reinforcement at supporting cam area Cloth collar from different materials Velcro fasteners Under-cloths/supporting fabric

Filtering equipment and supplies
  • FTJ-filter cloths
  • high-quality fabric
  • polypropylene cloths
  • polyester cloths
  • cotton
  • Filtertechnik Jäger
  • Edge reinforcement
  • Velcro fasteners
  • air permeability

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