FLATCOM® L SERIES CNC-MILLING MACHINE - The largest CNC-Milling machine in the product range with travel ranges of

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FLATCOM® L SERIES WITH SERVO MOTOR DRIVE Large machining area, from 1700 up to 2500 mm The FlatCom L is a robust machine for machining with cutting and non-cutting processes in the wood industry, advertising sector, as well as for various types of assembly work. With traverse paths of 1700 x 2500 mm, it is the largest CNC machine in the comprehensive product range of isel Germany AG. With innovative enhancements such as a vacuum table, variable-speed spindle motors, different types of tool changing stations as well as handling systems from our robotics department, you are well-equipped for the future. Ideally suited for: multi-shift operation Machining of: light metals, non frrous metals (brass, bronze etc.) CFRP Ceramic plastics wood Benefits 5-axis machining Large machining area of up to 1700 x 2500 mm Gantry drive Mobile portal, fixed table Removable cover Set up: Portal: fixed, bench: moveable

Product information

Processing areas X/Y [mm] *
Processing areas X/Y [mm] * - FlatCom L 150 | 1500 / 1700 - FlatCom L 250 | 2500 / 1700
Dimensions WxDxH [mm] with control cabinet / FlatCom L 150
2485 x 2450 x 2211 (2411)
Dimensions WxDxH [mm] with control cabinet / FlatCom L 250
3485 x 2450 x 2211 (2411)
Weight [kg]
FlatCom L 150 - appr. 550 / FlatCom L 250 - appr. 650