Portable small-size general-purpose ultrasonic flaw detectors. They realize standard and special-purpose methods of ultrasonic inspection providing high efficiency and accuracy of measurements. All features of an up-to-date flaw detector in a compact case. Ideal for work at hard-to-reach places. Can be used in cramped and hard conditions thanks to light weight and small size. Handy for travelling. Ergonomic case of shockproof plastic – the device can be held with one hand. Large high-contrast color display with high resolution (640*480 pixels) enables you to work for a long time without straining your eyes. Voice comments can be added to saved imaged with the help of freehand Bluetooth set.

Product features

Maximum thickness of the tested object (echo method, steel) 3000 mm
Rated operating frequencies 0,5 – 15,0 MHz
Material ultrasound velocity setting range 1 000 – 14 999 m/s
Operating frequencies deviation from rated ± 10%
Permissible basic measurement accuracy for thickness D with a normal transducer ±(0,01D+0,2) mm
Measurement accuracy for depth defect H with a normal transducer ±(0,01H+0,2) mm
Flaw coordinate measuring range (on steel) with an angled transducer 650 depth H 3 – 1300 mm
Permissible basic flaw coordinate measuring accuracy with an angled transducer 650 depth H ±(0,03H+1) mm
Flaw coordinate measuring range (on steel) with an angled transducer 700 depth H 3 – 500 mm
distance on surface L ±(0,03L+1) mm
Gain regulation range from 0 to 100 dB
Dynamic TGS range, not less than 20 dB
Rated battery voltage 11,1 V
Operating time at normal weather conditions, not less than 8 h
Operating temperature range from -30 to +55ºC
Display type color TFT
Display resolution 640 х 480 pixels
Electronic unit size 260 х 156 х 43 mm
Weight with batteries 800 g

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