Pre-assembled pump kit for 99,98 % drum emptying. Due to integrated backflow stop less than 0.05 l residual amount in 200 l drum possible. For pumping thin media out of 200 l drums (immersion length 1000 mm) or IBCs (mmersion length 1200 mm). Comprising drum pump F 425 with mechanical seal, outer tube in stainless steel, commutator motor F 460, hose, hand nozzle and compression gland. Can also be used in hazardous areas. Benefits: - Less than 0.05 l residual amount left in 200 l drum - Universally and flexibly applicable - Reduction of cleaning and waste disposal costs - Optimal use of fluids - No tilting to totally empty the drum - No loss of medium when taking the pump from drum to drum - Stainless steel version can be used in hazardous area

Portable electrical pumps
  • Pump kits
  • 99.98 % Drum emtying

Product features

Delivery flow: max. 115 l/min
Delivery head: max. 8 mwc
Viscosity: 1 - 600 mPas
Outer tube diameter: max. 41 mm
Immersion lenght: 1000, 1200 mm
Materials: Stainless steel
Seal: with mechanical seal

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