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FM-30(24)-С (Curtain) - Microwave Perimeter Protection Sensor


FM-30(24)-С (Curtain) is a volumetric monostatic microwave sensor intended for protection of separate perimeter sectors where it is difficult or impossible to use bistatic devices, e.x. blind alleys, marshlands, ravines, stock areas, tunnels, viaducts, etc. FM-30(24)-С (Curtain) detection zone is divided into 12 subzones which can be set up separately. One or several sub zones can be disconnected. Disconnecting the sub zones we can provide «secured» passages on the protected site for free moving of people through the checkpoint and free moving of transport through the gates. In order to increase the interference immunity we recommend to disconnect the sub zones where detection is not required. THE SENSORS CAN BE CONFIGURED: -by laptop (OC Windows) via USB on-site; -by tablet or smartphone (OC Android) via Bluetooth or USB on-site; -by computer connected via Ethernet; -remotely from the security post via RS-485. The sensors FM-30(24)-С (Curtain) have 5 frequency letters.

Product information

Operational frequency
24.15 GHz
2,5...30 m
Detection width
2 m
Detection height (in free space)
40 m
Supply Voltage
10...30 V
Current consumption
0,06 A at 24 V
Detection probability
Operational temperature
minus 40...+80 °C
Protection Level
Alarm output
Relay contacts
RS-485, USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet (upon request)
141x123x71 mm
1 kg