FN32-HL Refrigerated - Heating Circulators

Climate-friendly refrigerated circulation thermostat with natural refrigerant


Climate-friendly temperature control with the new FN cooling thermostats with natural refrigerant. With the new Cool Green technology you reduce the ecological footprint of your company. By eliminating fluorine-containing refrigerants, the ozone layer is spared and the greenhouse effect is reduced. The devices thus make an important contribution to the protection of the earth's atmosphere. The devices are state-of-the-art and offer high cooling capacities, powerful circulation pumps and the proven JULABO control technology. All models can be used at ambient temperatures up to +40 ° C. The refrigeration cycle is hermetically sealed and permanently sealed. The risk of possible leakage is thereby reduced to a minimum. In addition, all electrical components are spatially separated from the refrigeration cycle. This ensures the highest level of safety during operation - without any restrictions in practice.

Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial

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