Semi-finished Identification


The Focovision by Reflection SR-2 is used in the production of semifinished lenses, glass and metal molds,but also in prescription laboratories to control the incoming semi-finished lenses. It measures the surface optical power by reflection on one point with a high degree of accuracy. The measured value can be expressed in curvature or in diopter. The Focovision by Reflection has become a worldwide reference instrument throughout the ophthalmic industry. High accuracy (0.01D for the base power, less than 0.01D for the residual astigmatism of the instrument) Very high reproducibility Precise and reproducible positioning of the lens according to reference points marked over the lens surface Simple and rapid autocalibration procedure No moving parts (behaviour stability, simple lighting system, ...) Linear instrument response (no mechanical adjustments are necessary) Reliability : Image quality control & automatic correction of dust effect

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