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Water Soluble Food Colorings


10ml dropper bottles We have a range of 19 water soluble food colorings under de name Candycol. The colorings are synthetic and are to be used on a white basis, like fondant or marzipan. With one 10 ml bottle you can color 1 to 5 kilograms of product, depending on the color. Our water soluble Candycol colorings contain: water, 'colorings see below', preservatives: E202, E211, E330. The range contains the colors: New: white water dispersible colorings with E171 (non azo) E104 = Quinoline Yellow E110 = Sunset Yellow E123 = Amaranth E124 = Ponceau 4R E133 = Brilliant Blue E151 = Black PN E171 = Titanium dioxide 100 gram cups water soluble Basic colors packed per 100 gram in cups. Containing the colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, White (water dispersible), Fuchsia, Blue. Bulk packaging We can supply all colors in bulk packaging of 500 gram to 5 kilogram containers. All food colors can be produced as private labels.

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