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Forsage Lubricants is a modern factory of lubricanting oils. We produce - oils for cars; - oils for commercial and commercial vehicles; - oils for small equipment (mopeds, motorcycles, outboard motors, chainsaws); - oils for marine diesel engines, locomotives; - oils for construction and mining equipment; - industrial oils. Forsage Lubricants competitive advantages: - use of only high-quality base raw materials in production: mineral base oils are supplied directly from oil refineries of PJSC Rosneft and Lukoil, synthetic ones - from leading petrochemical companies in Europe and the USA; - technical and testing capabilities; - flexible production and our own laboratory for oil quality control. The plant's specialists have extensive experience in the development and production of individual lubricants, guaranteeing the most prompt delivery times for their orders: - the pricing policy in the line of premium oils is much more democratic in comparison with the "top" manufacturers; - production of high-tech special industrial oils.

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FORSAGE DIESEL FORCE PREMIUM PLUS is a high quality mineral engine oil for heavy duty diesel and gasoline engines. It is recommended for all-weather use in engines of ecological class Euro-III and below. The oils of the FORSAGE DIESEL FORCE PREMIUM PLUS series are based on highly refined mineral base oils and highly effective functional additives. They have excellent viscosity-temperature properties. ADVANTAGES The oils of the FORSAGE DIESEL FORCE PREMIUM PLUS series have the following advantages: •Oil recipe specifically designed for mixed fleets •Optimum oil composition ensures engine cleanliness in harsh conditions •Provides increased engine protection during operation at high ambient temperatures (southern regions) and stabilizes oil pressure in older engines.


DESCRIPTION FORSAGE HYDRO FORCE HLP series is specially designed for application in hydraulic systems industrial equipment, which require the use of high grade additive-type lubricants. FORSAGE HYDRO FORCE HLP oils are high quality hydro treated mineral base stocks, blended with multifunctional additive package, which improves anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, pour point depressive, de-emulsifying, anti-foam properties. This oil is intended for use in hydraulic systems of industrial equipment, operating under mechanical and thermal stresses and equipped with servo-hydraulic devices, proportional control systems and filter elements with filtration ratio of 3-5 micron. FEATURES FORSAGE HYDRO FORCE HLP series have following advantages: Complies with requirements of the majority of equipment manufacturers, reduces the number of oil types demanded by the enterprise Reduces wear of system components due to improved package of extreme pressure additives Prevents corrosion


DESCRIPTION FORSAGE Trans Force GL-4 series of multigrade oils for use in transmissions, manual transmissions, transfer boxes, PTO boxes, differentials and other units of cars and trucks in cases where the required grade oil API GL-4. FORSAGE Trans Force GL-4 - mineral transmission oils, produced using a hydrotreated distillate base oil and additive package that provides the necessary protection against wear and scuffing. FEATURES FORSAGE Trans Force GL-4 series have following advantages: Optimum wear properties, ensuring long-term protection of gears High oxidation stability prevents formation of deposits, allowing the extension of oil life Improved anti-foam and anti-corrosion properties, compatibility with seal materials Active anti-corrosion additive package components, effectively prevents corrosion when used in harsh environments STANDARDS/APPROVALS Oils FORSAGE Trans Force GL-4 SAE 90, SAE 80W85, SAE 80W90 designed in accordance with API GL-4.


FORSAGE MOTOR FORCE PLATINUM - high-quality motor oils that provide reliable engine protection over the entire service life under normal loads and operating conditions. Designed for year-round use, including in regions with a sharp continental climate, in gasoline and diesel engines of cars, in including turbocharging. The oils of the FORSAGE MOTOR FORCE Platinum series are made on the basis of a mixture of perfect synthetic base OIL - polyalphaolefin - with a progressive package of functional additives. ADVANTAGES The oils of the FORSAGE MOTOR FORCE PLATINUM series have the following advantages: •Effectively protect the engine in the most severe operating conditions due to the balanced composition of the additive package and synthetic base with excellent detergent properties •Increased engine cleanliness and durability of the lubricating film of the required thickness in all friction units, including the most loaded •Easy and quick engine start at low ambient temperatures


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