The production of the new series of brass rods FREE BRASS, with a maximum lead content of 0,2% is an important development for the industry of FITCO, which now offers an innovative feedstock for the production of brass parts (for drinking purposes mainly) to the highest quality standards. New FREE BRASS alloys are certified under NSF / ANSI 372-G and are available from FITCO with the known standard round, hexagonal and square bars and are suitable for hot forging or machining. Due to the maximum lead content of 0.2% FREE BRASS products are fully compliant with the California Health and Safety Code (1953) and with Vermont Act 193 concerning lead in potable water systems but also based on Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS), DM 174 del 06/04/2004, DIN 50930-6 Norm.

Foundries - copper, bronze and brass
  • brass rods
  • brass sections


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